Isogenopak Mitre Bend


Rigid and Soft insulation (Elastomeric, PU, PIR, XPS, PE, Phenolic, Mineral Wool, Fiberglass, etc).

Each elbow fits multiple pipe and insulation combinations. No more mess in the box (Every elbow has a number # and maximum OD embossed).

Current Challenges as Expressed by Our Customers:

  1. Too many types of elbows to stock.
  2. Different radiuses, different elbows.
  3. Contractors & distributors demand simplification.
  4. Different geographical locations.
  5. Demand for speed of application.
  6. Difficult identification.
  7. Demand for neater tapes.

What do Contractors do for Small Pipe Sections?

  • They make only one cut.
  • The two pipe sections are butt together.
  • Then, the hill (sharp end) may be shaved (this reduces the insulation thickness, increases installation time and requires cleaning).

Contact us if you require the white version of this product.

What is Isogenopak?

Isogenopak is a special rigid PVC film for jacketing insulated pipes.

A dry, clean fitting is guaranteed. The inherent curl makes it the ideal material for quick and easy covering.

Isogenopak is self-extinguishing and has considerable resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, oil, petrol, alipathic hydrocarbons and corrosive atmospheres. In addition, the material cannot corrode and is virtually impermeable to water vapour. It is unaffected by fresh and salt water and imprevious to gases, grease and

The chemical characteristics of Isogenopak are matched by equally good physical characteristics. The material has considerable resistance to temperature changes and is stable from -20C up to +65c indoor use.

Mitre BendMax ODSuitable For
No.563mm21 x 20
No.669mm27 x 20, 17 x 25
No.779mm34 x 20, 27 x 25, 17 x 30
No.883mm42 x 20, 34 x 25, 21 x 30
No.990mm48 x 20, 27 x 30
No.10103mm60 x 20, 42 x 30, 21 x 40
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Isogenopak Mitre Bend

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