Glass Slab Insulation

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These slabs are made of silica sand molten into fiber at high temperatures. They are used in thermal insulation, sound insulation, acoustic arrangements, and fire safety.


  • Thanks to its water repelling properties, it refuses water leakage and remains dry.
  • As an “A” Class fireproof material, highly advantageous in terms of fire safety.
  • No deformation in the case of exposure to heat and moisture.
  • Does not wear off, decompose, become moldy, corrode or rust over time.
  • Resistant to any damage caused by insects and micro-organisms.
  • Non-hygroscopic and non-capillary.


Calculated Value of Heat Transfer:
0,032 – 0,035 W/mK

12-100 kg/m3

Fire Class:
TS EN 13501-1 A1 Class

Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance Coefficient:

Type of Lamination:
Yellow/Black fiberglass, Aluminum Foil Coating, Non-flammable Aluminum Foil Coating, Woven Glass Coating

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