The Temati Drainplug keeps your insulation dry.

• Prevents CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)
• Drains moisture from the insulation system
• Prevents loss of insulating value
• Easy installation
• Easy adjustment to insulation thickness

The problem
(Sea)water or moisture in insulation systems, in combination with temperatures from ambient to approx 170oC, can lead to serious Corrosion Under Insulation (C.U.I.) of pipes and equipment.

Metal jacketing is used to protect against mechanical damages and weather conditions, and caulking/sealants are used in addition for flashing of protrusions and overlaps.

Due to several causes like foot traffic, water or moisture still gets in the insulation and will cause deterioration of thermal properties and start corrosion (C.U.I.).

Therefore creating an extra back-up is essential.

The Solution
Temati Drainplugs are made of tough, self-extinguishing, all-weather Bergamid B700 UF Black.

By installing Drainplugs in the outer jacketing, any water or moisture that penetrates the insulation system can drain out freely.

Install Drainplugs at intervals (maximum interval: 3m) along horizontal lengths of insulated piping; at the lowest point of insulated vessels/bends; and at every insulation stop.

For insulation thicknesses under 110 mm adjust the length of the Drainplug to 10 mm under the insulation thickness by breaking/cutting off the excess length at the required mark on the Drainplug’s shaft. Pre-drill a 17 mm dia hole in the metal jacketing, pierce a hole in the underlying insulation, insert the Drainplug fully into the insulation and then turn it 180° to lock it into the jacketing.

Typical Data / Physical Properties
Colour: Black
Material: Bergamid B700 UF Black
Wall thickness: 0.5 mm
Length: 100 mm
Diameter: 20/17 mm
Weather resistance: Excellent
UV resistance: Excellent
Chemical resistance: Resistant to most acids and bases
Notched impact strength: Charpy 23°C 4 kJ/m2 (ISO 179)
Melting point: 223°C (ISO 3164)
Flammability: Class V0, UL 94

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