Isogenotec Bends

Isogenotec is an innovative alternative covering material to metal jacketing systems, such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Isogenotec unites the lifetime flexibility of a plastic cladding, with the visual properties of sheet metal. Unlike sheet metal cladding, Isogenotec is not permanently deformed by significant mechanical stresses – it immediately resumes its original shape. This permanently safeguards the cladding and the insulation it protects against damage.

Isogenotec’s shining surface is more than matched by its inner values: the material is highly UV-resistant, opening up whole new areas of application. Once installed, Isogenotec® cladding will remain unimpaired in either function or appearance even after many years of high UV exposure.

Thanks to its high tensile impact strength, Isogenotec is also resitant to puncturing due to point-type mechanical exposure. An additional important feature of Isogenotec® is its extreme chemical resistance. This resistance means that it is tough and impervious to aggressive ambient conditions.


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