PROTECTEM Flangebelt

• Prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (C.U.I.)
• Specifically designed for flange-protection
• Results in low maintenance-costs
• Available with leak-detection system
• Re-usable
• Reduces fire hazards
• Provides personal protection

The Problem
Spaces between flanges are difficult to reach, making maintenance expensive and problematical. Leakages as a result of broken/weakened flange bolts or deteriorated gasketing can lead to corrosion of underlying equipment, danger to personnel, C.U.I. (corrosion under insulation) and potential fire and explosion hazard. The remedial costs are generally extremely high.

The Solution
The PROTECTEM Flangebelt is:
• An economical solution.
• A leak detection and drainage.
• Supplied in arange to cover all standard flanges
• Readily adjusted to fit around the flanges
• Supplied with drain pipes and (optional) bottle
• Also to be used to facilitate gas detection from the outside

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