Silicone Vessel Inspection Plug

• Helps to prevent Corrosion under Insulation (C.U.I.)
• The V.I.P. makes non-destructive inspection economical
• Reduces inspection costs/ time
• Weather-tight seal
• High temperature 100% silicone plug
• Re-useable
• UV-resistant

The Problem
Moisture in insulation systems leads to deterioration of insulation and corrosion of vessel or pipe, thus causing major problems.

Inspection of insulation and vessel on a regular base is essential to prolong lifetime of system. Often the metal jacketing is damaged during maintenance jobs when piping is climbed over or stood on, disrupting the water-seal of the jacketing. Cutting an opening in the jacketing and sealing again with tape is not a durable solution and can cause many problems.

Inspection hatches have a limited reusability because of the seal and the crews. The silicone VIP-plug can be re-used over and over again.

Cost Saving Benefits of the Silicone V.I.P
• Reduces inspection costs and time
• Provides ready access for inspection with minimum exposure to vessel insulation
• High visibility and provides a consistent inspection point ensuring future inspections are taken at same location
• Maintains a weather-tight seal to protect insulation
• High temperature silicone plug provides long service life

Sizes: 21⁄2” and 5”
Plug material: Durometer silicone rubber
Temp. Range: -60oC. tot 260oC
Colour: Grey

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