Nitrile Rubber Self Seal Pipe Lagging Sections

Designed for quick and easy installation.

Pipe lagging insulation sections with self-adhesive strips pre-applied, Kaiflex ST Selfseal is able to combine outstanding technical values with a streamlined application process that is as easy as peeling a self-adhesive release tape.

Kaiflex ST Selfseal can be installed in a fraction of the time whilst still maintaining the same energy saving perfor- mance and inherent resistance to microbial growth as standard Kaiflex ST. With a greatly simplified application proce- dure Kaiflex ST Selfseal can be installed even in extremely tight areas.

Self-adhesive pipe insulation coiled for the fastest possible application speeds, Kaiflex ST Selfseal retain the same energy saving performance as all standard Kaiflex ST insulation.

  • Fast application
  • Self-adhesive strips minimise the need for adhesive
  • Closed cell structure with in-built water vapour barrier
  • Inherent moisture resistance with long lasting protection against corrosion In-built anti-microbial resistance

All variants of this product come in 2 metre lengths.

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